What We Offer

The team behind Designing Mindfulness offer bespoke services to support companies exploring how to improve and evolve existing products as well as start-ups keen to ensure user wellbeing is included from the start.

Our holistic approach means that we offer services that relate to both your product and team.


Existing Product Review

We conduct a full review of your existing product using the Designing Mindfulness principles and frameworks.

Practical Concept Designs

We provide recommendations and practical concept designs for how to improve the wellbeing impact of your product.

Modern Mindfulness Training

An introduction to modern mindfulness practice with an emphasis on the relationship between meditation training and technology.

Custom Workplace Practices

Designed series of custom meditation practices, which your team can use individually or together to support team wellbeing & productivity.

Get in touch

Find out more about our services by contacting hello@mindfulnesseverywhere.io. Please be aware that we only take on a very limited volume of consulting engagements per year.

Who We are

Designing Mindfulness is a project from Mindfulness Everywhere. Based in the UK, we combine expertise in meditation, technology and design to create products which improve the lives of people all around the world. Our products to date include buddhify, the best-selling meditation app for modern life. The project leads are Creative Director Rohan Gunatillake & Design Associate Santini Basra.

Mindfulness Everywhere founder Rohan is one of the most creative makers and thinkers in the world of mindfulness. As well as a deep understanding of meditation, he has a background in technology consulting and innovation and was named by Wired Magazine in their Smart List of 50 people who will change the world. His first book Modern Mindfulness has been recently published in the United States.

Santini Basra is a specialist in using design-led practices to explore and unpack social issues. He is the founder of futures research studio Andthen, working with clients to inspire change, increase long term planning skills, and guide change management. Previously he worked for The Glasgow School of Art (GSA) on foresight and strategy projects for Hitachi EU, Royal London, and Barclays Bank. He has also held the position of Designer-in-Residence at GSA, and exhibited work internationally.