Mindfulness teaches us that the quality and nature of our attention has a direct impact on our wellbeing. Many of the interactions we have with technology every day involve our attention. Our wellbeing is therefore being affected by those attention-based products we use. Some companies simply do not understand the impact their products have on the minds of the people who use them. Other companies may deliberately use this knowledge to trap our attention and farm it for commercial gain. As a result, they have little care for the impact their products might have on the people who use them. 

There are certain measures that users can take to minimize the negative impact on mental wellbeing, but makers of products must also take responsibility. If a product is deliberately designed to be addictive, is it then fair to blame the user once they become addicted? 

Designing Mindfulness is a manifesto from Mindfulness Everywhere. It is a result of us asking the question - how can we build the ideas and practices of mindfulness into technology so that the attention and wellbeing of the people who use it is best supported?